About Gaynor Mason

Hi and welcome to Gaynor’s News Blog!

On this site you will find articles, features, videos and comments covering life in the 21st century. The topics will most likely be varied in content and driven by events or situations which  could have a significant impact on members of the public, whether that be politics or human interest stories.

My background includes a Psychology BSc (Hons) degree and a PGCert Ed in autism. I have worked as an Advocate and Advocacy Coordinator with adults and children that accessed services for those with learning disabilities and/or mental health difficulties. Special Educational Needs provision and education continue to be important to me.

I am always open to ideas when selecting issues to cover, so if you feel that there is an area which could do with being highlighted, please feel free to send me an email at gaynormason@gaynorsnewsblog.com


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